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Quimil Indústria e Comércio SA logo

Quimil Indústria e Comércio SA

Quimil Comercial

Simões Filho, Bahia, Brazil1994
D-U-N-S® Registered™
QUIMIL is a specialist in water treatment, developing integrated actions in services and high performance products. Its strong business relationships, its commitment to providing integrated and differentiated services, its wide know-how and technological assets with applications in several segments, make the company the ideal partner of its clients in the search for applied solutions. It is a national leader in specialty chemicals. The success of your business represents our goals. For this, QUIMIL offers the most advanced technologies in products, processes and structures, capable of guaranteeing the best results. Water is in many businesses key raw material for the production of products and services. Its cost is increasingly influencing market competitiveness. In this context, QUIMIL proposes economically viable solutions for the conditioning of water for various purposes (purification, industry and recreation), potentializing reduction of production costs and maximizing the margin of profitability of the business. More than chemical products, with high purity, tested and approved for their respective areas of application, QUIMIL specializes in services and products applied to water treatment with ISO 9001-2000 certification. The ultimate realization that QUIMIL offers more than effective products, services and solutions is customer support made up of highly qualified professionals who recycle through courses and lectures, making them up to date and trained in water treatment processes, effluent and reuse, as well as chemical handling, health and operational safety. QUIMIL's multidisciplinary technical team is able to meet the most varied demands of the market, offering customized solutions for each project. The company has structured and qualified research laboratories to follow processes and products applied to water treatment. Operational efficiency, focus on cost reduction and maximization of final product quality in water treatment plants has been a constant pursuit. These are the differentials of QUIMIL, a complete company with solutions in water treatment services. The success of your business represents our goals. For this, QUIMIL offers the most advanced technologies in products, processes and structure capable of guaranteeing the best results. Vision To be a national reference as a business organization focused on the treatment and preservation of water, seen as a strategic public good for the present and future generations. Mission Acting in the segment of industry, commerce and services, offering integrated technological solutions for water treatment, corresponding to the expectations of shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers, environment and community and consolidating itself as a qualified, economically sound and knowledgeable company. their social responsibility. Values • Respect for the human being as the center of business management. • Preservation of water as a strategic public good for the present and future of humankind. • Responsible action with the community and the environment. • Valuing the customer as the company's reason for existence. • Partnership policy and co-responsibility with suppliers. • Loyalty and suitability in competitive relationships. • Permanent search for excellence in service delivery and continuous improvement of its processes. • Appreciation and qualification of the employee in the human and professional dimensions. • Socio-environmental responsibility as a business strategy.
Carbono Quimica Ltda em Recuperacao Judicial logo

Carbono Quimica Ltda em Recuperacao Judicial

São Bernardo Do Campo, São Paulo, Brazil1978
D-U-N-S® Registered™
Carbono Química is one of the main distributors of chemical products in the country. Headquartered in São Bernardo do Campo (SP), it has some business units in other cities in the Federal State, in addition to regional commercial representation offices. Grupo Empresarial's success story began in 1965, when entrepreneur Alfredo Miraglia founded Dipel Derivados de Petroleo ltda. It is likely that he did not imagine that there would be the seed of one of the most important groups of distribution of oil products in Brazil and Latin America at the turn of the millennium. But he certainly dreamed of a promising future. While Dipel was consolidating itself with one of the main retailers of common diesel oil, additives, dark fuel oils and lubricants, Carbono Química ltda was born. Acquired in 1989 by Miraglia and his daughter, Vera Gabriel, the company started with a focus on the distribution of solvents for the paint industry and soon started to expand its portfolio.Today, there is the development of new products and technologies in the commercialization of products, as well as having an industrial division. Always with socio-environmental responsibility in its management, Carbono, Envasa, Armazena and, in 2016, was authorized by the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels to operate as a land terminal for the storage and handling of flammable liquids, and raw materials in bulk needed to manufacture your final product. MISSION "To act in the Chemical Products Market, offering differentiated solutions in a responsible and proactive way. Optimize the service to its customers and expand their participation in the market, strengthening their brand, in the search for excellence in social responsibility, health, safety and environment . Create favorable conditions for generating profit for shareholders, employees and business partners. " PRINCIPLES AND VALUES Ethics, Equality, Integrity, Honesty, Respect and Transparency. EYESIGHT To be recognized as an innovative distributor, working with a focus on sustainability.
Pqa Produtos Quimicos Aracruz SA logo

Pqa Produtos Quimicos Aracruz SA

Aracruz, Espírito Santo, Brazil1999
D-U-N-S® Registered™
ABOUT US: PQA - PRODUCTOS QUÍMICOS ARACRUZ LTDA, acting since 1999 in providing services, with agile and intelligent solutions, according to the need of each client, distributing throughout Brazil, a line of high quality chemicals, through a logistics structured and agile, with strategically located deposits and bases. MISSION: Provide services and create innovative solutions for customers, suppliers and consumers of chemical and petrochemical products, adding value, contributing to sustainable growth and with social and environmental responsibility. VIEW: Be the leading company, renowned for the quality of products, and recognized for the services provided. BUSINESS: Our business is to identify, serve and maintain customers who use chemical or petrochemical products in their production chain. It is part of our business to provide services with agility, competence and quality that ensure customer satisfaction and the appropriate return of services performed. POLICIES: Meet customer expectations and needs through the marketing, distribution, storage and transportation of reliable chemicals and petrochemicals, within the deadlines, quantities and contracted requirements. Imbued with these purposes, the organization will guide its actions: - In the alignment and proactive relationship with selected suppliers seeking partnerships capable of sustaining the demands generated by our clients; - Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system; - In the training and development of our human resources; - In the systematic monitoring of the health and safety conditions of our employees, and - Responsible attitude towards the community and the environment. SEGMENTS IN WHICH WE ACT: - Agribusiness - Food - Drinks - Curtains - Cosmetics - Energy - Oil Exploration and Refining - Pharmaceutical - Hygiene and cleaning - Chemical industry - Mining - Animal nutrition - Paper And Cellulose - Siderurgy - Sucroalcool - Water and Effluent Treatment - Vet WE OFFER THE BEST SOLUTION FOR YOU: AVAILABILITYInventory always close to your company QUALITYQuality assured products AGILITYScheduled Fast Delivery PRICEFair and competitive prices