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Dedicated to fishing and marketing of seafood.This mission is carried out always thinking about the consumer's needs, valuing workers, collaborating closely with suppliers and respecting the environment. To guarantee food safety, sustainable supply and good prices, Mascato invests in those origins where the raw material is found. Thus, in addition to Spain, operations are coordinated in Namibia, South Africa, Vietnam and Chile. SustainabilityOne of our priorities is to collaborate in the sustainability of the fisheries in which we work, and from which we source.To comply with this policy, Mascato, S.A. undertakes to: In products of extractive originWork with those seafood whose fishing is legal, regulated and regulated. Encourage the use of fishing gear that minimize environmental impact. In aquaculture productsPromote the application of internationally recognized Good Practices for Sustainable Aquaculture standards. ProvidersWork and publicize our policy and cooperate with them in complying with it. TraceabilityGuarantee, through the labeling system, the identification of the origin and the different stages of production of all our products.The Management of Mascato, S.A. therefore undertakes to provide the necessary means to achieve these objectives and to periodically review this policy.
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