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Mantris Gestao em Saude Corporativa Ltda

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil2013
Mantris, a leading company in occupational health and safety management solutions, continuously invests in technology and process improvements to ensure an innovative experience in the health care of people and environments, in a continuous and integrated manner, to ensure adherence laws and social legislation. The result of the merger of Micelli, the largest company in the occupational medicine segment, and Meridional, a reference in the management of outpatient clinics and medical centers, Mantris was born with the objective of leading a process of market transformation and establishing a new level of professionalism for the segment, introducing the concept of health as a strategic asset. Mission: Caring for people's health and managing the security of business environments. View: Managing corporate health as a strategic asset that maximizes results. Provide a new experience of taking care of people's health, in a continuous and safe way. Values: - Proactivity - Commitment - Team spirit and collaboration - Focus on value generation Conduct: - Commitments to the conduct of the Mantris business and brand - Valuing care with people - Commitment to health and safety - Sustainable relations Awards and recognition of the market: We carried in our DNA the success story of one of the most important occupational health companies in the market, Micelli, which was present in the awards of the best practices of people management, in the categories of occupational health and quality of life, such as the 100 best suppliers for HR, TOP OF MIND OF RH, SUPPLIER OF CONFIDENCE, among others. With the Mantris brand, we continue with the same prestige and prominence, starting in 2015.
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