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Tito Cademartori


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Sudex Tito Comissaria de Despachos Aduaneiros Ltda
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Tito Cademartori
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Flores Da Cunha 1838, 97507668, Centro, Uruguaiana, Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil
Customs clearance of freight

What does Sudex Tito Comissaria de Despachos Aduaneiros Ltda do?

History: In 1935, Mr. Tito Cademartori began his professional activities at his family services office, succeeding his father, Mr. Alcides Cademartori. The company was born. The customs activities were carried out in the village of Barra do Quarai, acting in the representation of importers and national exporters. Tito's story began at a time when expressions such as logistics, free trade, outsourcing, and drawback did not even exist. Tito gave each of them other meanings and other functionalities and, in particular, gave incalculable importance: THE CONFIDENCE. In the 40's, leaders linked to Tito joined the Joint Commission Pro-construction of the International Bridge between Paso de los Libres and Uruguaiana, demonstrating the entrepreneurial spirit of its members. With the inauguration of this bridge, during the 40's and 50's bilateral trade between Brazil and Argentina was intensified. Tito is proud to maintain in its current portfolio of importing and exporting clients that have been using its services since that time. At the beginning of the 1960s two important milestones in bi-lateral trade took place: the signing of the first protocols of the Latin American Free Trade Association (LAFTA), which reduced taxes and promoted trade relations in the Southern Cone, in addition to the reciprocal granting of road transport, which provided a new alternative transportation, triggering the paving and modernization of highways. Again, Tito played a role in this exchange, articulating operational agreements and making business possible. In the 1970s the company already had a strong presence in South America. With the consolidation of commercial flows and the intense movement of merchandise, border terminals were created as customs service centers. In the 80's, Tito was one of the first three companies in Brazil to automate their internal processes by investing heavily in information technology. We came to the new century, where the emergence of MERCOSUR put the company at the forefront of the era of globalization. Leading the insertion of Brazil into international trade was the automotive sector, mostly Tito's customer. The company's operations spread throughout Brazil. Tito's founding in Argentina in 1999 kicked off the company's internationalization process, expanding in 2003 to Mexico and then to the US. The current configuration of one of the most experienced and complete planning, operation and logistics and customs consulting companies was formed: Tito Smart Modal Logistics. Objectives: To position itself as a global provider of customs and logistics solutions. Products: Customs Management of Import, Export (DUE / DUIMP), Special Regimes, Siscoserv, Customs Legal Consultancy, Outsourcing of Foreign Trade Departments.

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