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Alexandre Dumas 2200 2.200, Andar 4, 04717910, Chacara Santo Antonio, São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Security systems services

What does Vivante SA do?

Since September 5, 2013, Vivante is the new name of the company Dalkia Brasil, a subsidiary of Veolia Group, now with 90% of its capital acquired by the private equity fund Axxon and the other 10% shared between the company's own executives and the fund Marceau Finance.

The strategy change aims to act more strongly in the areas of facilities and maintenance.

We are a company dedicated to efficiency. We work within our clients to maintain and preserve their equipment and facilities, optimize their resources and increase the comfort of all the people who use their spaces.

We maintain the know-how and expertise acquired in more than 15 years of operation in Brazil, with ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001-2015 certification in our client activities such as shopping malls, hospitals, universities, commercial buildings and flying maintenance. We also have the Certificate of regularity with IBAMA.

A Vivante

In Brazil, Vivante is one of the three largest infrastructure operators and market leader. It operates with energy management and building infrastructure services and deals with all the activities necessary to manage and conserve real estate developments, be they commercial or industrial.

It performs from 85% to 90% of the services involved in these activities with its own workforce, from the management of services, operation and maintenance of technical equipment and physical facilities (multitechnical service) and environmental services (cleaning, conservation, pest control, etc.), which form the so-called Integrated Multiservices.

In summary, Vivante has the expertise to operate in the three main cost sources of an enterprise: the management of the enterprise, the basis of integrated multiservices and the management of utilities.
Within the multiservice, the multitechnical services are directly related to the operation, maintenance and conservation of the equipment of the enterprise, that is, all the infrastructure facilities, besides the energy management.
The multiservice also integrates the management and operation of services such as cleaning, conservation, maintenance of green areas, collection of waste, reception, among others.

In addition to the supply of inputs and all the necessary materials to perform the services with performance guarantee in contract, our differential is in the transfer of risks, simplification and intensive services in intelligence, unlike the companies that only carry out the management and coordination of the activities.

Vivante uses advanced operational instruments:

  • Service Management Software (CMMS)
  • Energy management software.
  • Central Intelligence and Operational Monitoring (CIMO).
  • Professional retraining and training center.

Our services go beyond the facilities, maintenance of equipment, energy and services. Vivante is concerned with optimizing the conditions and the offer of conveniences to positively influence the customer's production process, through a contract of results.



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