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Malibu Studios Entretenimento Ltda


Rio De Janeiro, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil2015D-U-N-S Registered

Fleishmanhillard Brasil Comunicação Ltda logo

Fleishmanhillard Brasil Comunicação Ltda

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil2014D-U-N-S Registered

The current political and business environment is among the most dynamic in history. One way or another, each of us is participating in the global economy, along with the risks and benefits. With the world becoming more and more hyper-connected, our customers have challenges that grow every day. FleishmanHillard is committed to helping companies, brands and organizations navigate the world in con

Sintel Tecnologia e Informação SA logo

Sintel Tecnologia e Informação SA


São Caetano Do Sul, São Paulo, Brazil1987D-U-N-S Registered

Sintel is a technology company that was born within the automotive industry. Because they have the same DNA, understand the criticality of operations, and how to have quality information at the right time, they are essential for decision making.

THN Fabricacao de Auto Pecas Brasil SA logo

THN Fabricacao de Auto Pecas Brasil SA

THN Auto Brasil

Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brazil2009D-U-N-S Registered

THN is committed to producing high quality components that meet or exceed the performance specifications of our customers' products. We are providing low / high voltage harness, smart junction block and integrated control unit in the automotive industry. We are providing a reference platform for finding hidden values from the customer's point of view. The award-winning ISO 9001, QS9000 and 5-star

MRM E/OU Publicidade Ltda logo

MRM E/OU Publicidade Ltda


São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil2003D-U-N-S Registered

A E/OU-MRM é uma agência digital que cria conexões significativas entre marcas e pessoas. Desde o começo, nos dedicamos a entender como o consumidor pensa e a conhecer o seu lado mais humano: histórias, vontades, expectativas. Mas sempre amparados em dados e, principalmente, em análises e interpretações desses dados. Essas duas visões – humana e analítica – nos fornecem os insights neces

Mat Equipamentos Para Gases Ltda logo

Mat Equipamentos Para Gases Ltda

Jundiaí, São Paulo, Brazil1940D-U-N-S Registered

The Company originated with the founding of COMPANY TECHNIQUE OF MATERIAL AGAINST FIRE LTDA, in June 1940. The objective was the manufacture and commercialization of fire extinguishers. Already in 1948 incorporated to its activities the representation of vehicles and equipment of fire fighting, importing to Brazil the first fire fighting truck equipped with MAGIRUS ladder. In 1956 it changed its

YSSY Solucoes SA logo

YSSY Solucoes SA


Barueri, São Paulo, Brazil2002D-U-N-S Registered
Wurth do Brasil Pecas de Fixacao Ltda logo

Wurth do Brasil Pecas de Fixacao Ltda

Cotia, São Paulo, Brazil1972D-U-N-S Registered

SM Empreendimentos Farmaceuticos Ltda logo

SM Empreendimentos Farmaceuticos Ltda


São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil1974D-U-N-S Registered

Fagron is a Dutch multinational, present in more than 30 countries and with products sold in more than 60. Based on masterful scientific research and development, Fagron is a world leader in customized pharmaceutical drugs for hospitals, pharmacies, doctors and patients. Fagron acts strongly promoting its mission to innovate and optimize customized pharmaceutical treatment, through continuous inve

CDN Comunicação Corporativa Ltda logo

CDN Comunicação Corporativa Ltda


São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil1987D-U-N-S Registered

We live in a world where consumers are no longer willing to accept everything a brand conveys. They are no longer affected by what it says, but rather by what it does and how it communicates. Communication today that is a two-way street. This is why a new answer is necessary for the new times. For nearly three decades, CDN helps brands and engages their publics in an effective way. Yes, we are

Veolia Servicos Ambientais Brasil Ltda logo

Veolia Servicos Ambientais Brasil Ltda

Veolia Servicos Ambientais Bra

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil1996D-U-N-S Registered

A Veolia oferece soluções integradas em água, resíduo e energia e está presente no mercado brasileiro oferecendo às indústrias soluções para os mercados de Mineração, Óleo e Gás, Papel e Celulose, Alimentos e Bebidas, Farmacêutico e de Cosméticos. Para os municípios, uma de suas principais atividades é a construção e gestão de aterros sanitários, para a destinação final correta de resíduos domicil

Basequimica SA logo

Basequimica SA


Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Brazil1991D-U-N-S Registered

The values in which Basequímica S / A is based define the performance of the company and extend to its products. Since 1991, it has respected people and the environment as the pillar that sustains its business, based on efficiency, ethics, professionalism and the pride of being Brazilian. Its experience in the market, coupled with a structure that concentrates a large Distribution Center and in

Gocil Serviços de Vigilância e Segurança Ltda logo

Gocil Serviços de Vigilância e Segurança Ltda

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil1985D-U-N-S Registered

Gocil Security and Services is the largest security and multiservice company in Brazil. It has been operating for over 30 years providing excellent service through qualified work teams and technology applied to the operation management. There are about 20 thousand employees ensuring the safety of more than 1,000 customers in the main states of Brazil. We are prepared to identify the needs of each

Proturbo Usinagem de Precisão Ltda logo

Proturbo Usinagem de Precisão Ltda

Proturbo Usinagem de Precisão

Jundiaí, São Paulo, Brazil1998D-U-N-S Registered

Datora Participacoes e Servicos SA logo

Datora Participacoes e Servicos SA

Nova Lima, Minas Gerais, Brazil2005D-U-N-S Registered

DATORA is a Brazilian telecommunications company with a global dimension. The Datora Group is recognized for its excellence, pioneering spirit and innovation with the major Telecom operators in Brazil and the world. In constant search for the best solutions, we offer our customers the main technologies in the market to generate great results. With 27 years of experience and global dimension, we b

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The Nine Level Digital EIRELI

The Nine Level

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil2019D-U-N-S Registered
Grafimec Araras Comércio e Participações Ltda logo

Grafimec Araras Comércio e Participações Ltda

Araras, São Paulo, Brazil1996D-U-N-S Registered

Along a history of almost 40 years in the Market of self-lubricating bearings, Grafimec, a complete Brazilian company, has always aimed to provide the best solutions for its customers by its assistance and quality of its products. Its path has started developing self-lubricating systems of bronze and inserts of graphite to the metalworking industry, which, in those years, needed national provider

Cientifica Materias Para Laboratorio Ltda logo

Cientifica Materias Para Laboratorio Ltda


Uberaba, Minas Gerais, Brazil2021D-U-N-S Registered

Agora você esta entrando em um novo mundo Científica Analítico, em nossa loja da Ávila Cientifica encontrará as melhores marcas, melhores preços e o melhor atendimento em todo Brasil, confira e se surpreenda.

DMV Internacional Traducoes Ltda logo

DMV Internacional Traducoes Ltda


São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil2010D-U-N-S Registered

A DMV is a specialized translation company in the medical-pharmaceutical area. We have submitted to Indústria Farmacêutica e CROs. It is the only translation company that does not have a legal CRF, or that means that we have a pharmaceutical technical responsibility as technical director. Além disso, all nossa equipe e formed by professional pharmacists, doctors and tradutores com specialização na

Reis & Borges Ltda logo

Reis & Borges Ltda

Diadema, São Paulo, Brazil2005D-U-N-S Registered

REBORG's quest for quality is increasingly investing in technology and human resources, providing our customers with the peace of mind of receiving their orders with quality and deadline. With over 15 years of experience in oxyfuel, boilermaking and machining, we bring you solutions, quality and efficiency. We understand and take care of your need. A company that thinks together with the custom