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Studiometa.Ai Produção Ltda


Rio De Janeiro, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil2007
D-U-N-S® Registered™
“The metaverse is calling. Connect to the future.” In a constantly evolving world, we find ourselves facing a new technological paradigm that’s reshaping the way we live, communicate and interact. WEB3 emerges with powerful tools capable of redefining how we experience the physical and digital realities. We at STUDIOMETA.AI have embraced this evolution with enthusiasm and dedication. We’re adamant on navigating this new territory and exploring its limitless potential. Our manifesto is based on three fundamental pillars: Daring Innovation: We’re interested in boosting technological innovations and advancements. Pioneering for over 15 years the exploration of new possibilities, developing innovative solutions for diverse experiences. We believe that audacity and curiosity are essential for success in this constantly changing field. Strong Community Building: We recognize WEB3 as a collaborative ecosystem, so we value designing environments where people can connect, sharing knowledge and exploring the digital world together. We seek strategic partnerships with both individuals and organizations, creating synergies that boost collective growth. Ethics and Empowerment: Our goal is to guarantee a safe, inclusive and ethical society in Metaverse and WEB3. We capacitate our customers and partners with transparent and trustworthy solutions, based on privacy, security and respect for individual rights. Through our experience, knowledge and specialized network, we want to help our customers navigate this new digital world with confidence and success. We’re ready to face all challenges, transform ideas into reality and shape the future of Metaverse and WEB3, using cutting edge tech such as: 5G, EDGE and CLOUD COMPUTING, BLOCKCHAIN, AI, XR/VR/AR and IOT. Join us in shaping an inspiring, inclusive and transformative phygital world!
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Movi & Art Produções Cinematograficas Ltda

Movi E Art

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil1974
D-U-N-S® Registered™
Movie & Art is an independent producer focused on the development and production of content for television, cinemaand internet. It has already produced over three thousand productions, always following the criteria of excellence and singularity that put it in the spotlight in the advertising andnational cinema. The company has made successful films such as LASMa PaRada 174, by Bruno Barreto, FOREIGN LAND by Walter Salles and Daniela Thomas, among others. We apply the highest level of creativity to the most demanding level of production. We provide production services in Brazil. With a network of partners and suppliers, MOVIE's creative solutions are tailored to your production needs. Based in São Paulo, we offer location scouting, location management and line production services for feature films, commercials, TV shows, internet or documentaries. Our goal is to provide the best available option whether in location, production design and budget, always focusing on the highest standards. We work together with our clients screening projects and addressing challenges, time schedules and price issues. — AICP based bidding, cost consulting, estimating and quoting— Production planning, budget management and scheduling— Location scouting— Permits, Visas, insurance and security— Talent and crew fee negotiation, booking and contracts— Hotels and airlines scheduling, ground transportation— Equipment and studio rentals— Onsite coordination