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São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil2000
D-U-N-S® Registered™
We were always restless.: We were born focused on B2B, creating consulting projects and training (some with great results for our clients and others, not so much) to transform people and businesses. In these first 20 years, we have won many clients throughout Brazil and other Latin American countries. We earn more, attract a lot of great people to work with us, impact the lives of more than 70,000 people working in the world's largest companies with learning solutions. Profit from the first invoice issued, without detracting from 1 cent since the foundation, our employees, partners and consultants say that being part of this story is being alive. From the beginning we listen to our customers with attention and they tell us that we deliver value solutions. The market recognizes us as a present, flexible and reliable partner. Now we are restless again. We are not yet convinced that we have achieved excellence. We still can not accomplish everything we dreamed when we started our walk. When you create a business, you need to always remember why you are doing it. What you want, and especially what you do not want. Life is short. We were asked: "How can you guarantee the results?". "How did you integrate the new technologies into the projects?" "How can you serve us faster in other parts of the world?" "What methods and techniques can accelerate the learning of our leaders and their teams?" With the participation of our clients, partners, consultants and some crazy creatives, we ask "what if our company does not exist anymore? What would change? How to create a new company, a new brand, keeping the essence that both falls in love? ".