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São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil2005
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Strategic Planning in organizations is a fundamental activity for their continuity and constant growth, it is much more than the projection of actions on the calendar, it is a need to analyze the business and orchestrate the actions for the strengthening and growth of the organization , it is necessary to analyze the environment in which the company operates and draw its maps to walk with ease in an increasingly agile and complex market. The result of this planning forms a set of strategies to achieve the objectives within some principles and values. Information Technology Planning is a major challenge compared to Strategic Planning, and is therefore very complex. Using different scenarios, planning is an efficient way for CIOs (Chief Information Officer), preparing the company for technological changes. The strategic planning in IT can be used as a facilitator in the organization's decision making, in the identification of the opportunities of Information System and thus to support the business businesses, meeting the needs of the users. What technology should I use? A question is embedded in this question: Will this technology have a long life to preserve the investments made by the company? Level 4 assists in the analysis of these possible futures, facilitating risk assessment and helping decision making. Level 4 Consulting was born with the proposal to be an IT Solutions Consultancy for medium and large clients. The experience in implementing large projects, with significant results in the strategic consulting segment, assures our customers new ways to transform their business and consequently their results.
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