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Cial Dun&Bradstreet

Ciudad De Buenos Aires, Ciudad Autónoma De Buenos Aires, Argentina1963
D-U-N-S® Registered™
Dun & Bradstreet (NYSE: DNB) es la fuente líder del mundo en información y visión comercial sobre negocios. Ayudamos empresas a tomar excelentes decisiones desde hace más de 170 años. Hemos sido pioneros en el desarrollo de soluciones de inteligencia comercial y seguimos marcando el camino con nuevos productos y servicios, aprovechando los avances tecnológicos y las oportunidades que Internet ofrece. Hoy por hoy, la base de datos global de Dun & Bradstreet contiene más de 260 millones de registros, enlazados por nuestro identificador global de negocios, el Número D-U-N-S®. La base de datos se fortifica con el Proceso de Calidad patentado de DUNSRight™, que proporciona a nuestros clientes información empresarial de calidad. Esta información de calidad es la base de nuestras soluciones globales en las que los clientes se apoyan para tomar las más críticas decisiones de negocios. Podemos ofrecer información sobre la situación financiera de un negocio, explicar qué tan rápido liquida una compañía sus cuentas y evaluar qué tan probable es que siga en el negocio dentro de doce meses. El mundo está cambiando rápidamente. Los riesgos están creciendo y con ellos, las oportunidades que los acompañan. Resulta esencial detectarlos en el momento justo, para tomar la decisión comercial correcta. Dun & Bradstreet le permite tomar las decisiones comerciales correctas y claras para desarrollar las conexiones comerciales idóneas e identificar oportunidades a lo largo del camino. En América Latina, cuente con un aliado local: cial dun & bradstreet, una división especializada en Argentina, Brasil, México y Perú y con servicio remoto a los otros países de América Latina y Caribe.


Santo Tomé, Santa Fe, Argentina2014
D-U-N-S® Registered™
History Innovapharma, is a company founded in 2016, dedicated to the production and marketing of innovative high-quality dietary supplements for human health, with a presence in neighboring countries. INNOVAPHARMA's mission is to develop and market 100% natural products, backed by science, seeking certified quality ingredients and using processes that ensure better absorption and assimilation, delivering better nutrition and health. Company Vision The quality of our products and scientific support have been consolidated as one of the key factors for our network of customers and distributors. To carry out our mission we have a team made up of professionals. We provide technical support to our network of distributors and customers, making training and product knowledge a key differentiating tool. We are convinced that the integration between traditional medicine, the multiple disciplines related to natural health, and high-quality nutraceuticals (with scientific support), allow us to significantly improve the well-being and quality of life of people. This has allowed us to successfully represent consolidated brands of world prestige that have unique products and have positioned themselves as leaders in their category. Why choose InnovaPharma We source the best ingredients available in the world to develop science-backed natural supplements. We have a team of professionals to provide an excellent service. We believe that operational excellence and service to our customers is essential for the good development and permanence of our company. We maintain an open and permanent link with health professionals who guide us in the search for new alternatives in natural supplementation with scientific support. We are certain that the combination of nature and science is the basis for better long-term health.



Jeppener, Buenos Aires, Argentina2017
D-U-N-S® Registered™
ABOUT US CLAPP is an Argentine metalworking company, based in the Province of Buenos Aires for more than 50 years. Machines and assembles components for the industry, mainly automotive, from oil pumps to complete axles of utility vehicles. It has a park of state-of-the-art equipment that allows it to be the only Argentine company that mechanizes and assembles engine cover for original equipment. Mission Provide solutions to the industry demanding metalworking products and services, with the required quality, at the requested time and at a competitive price. Vision To become a regional benchmark in the industry, consolidating its participation as Tier1 in the automotive sector, extending the offer of products and services to other industries. goals Diversify the markets and customers to which products are supplied, incorporating comprehensive solutions that include services. HISTORY The Jeppener plant was founded in 1949 by Nello Sequenza, an Italian immigrant, with the aim of producing sewing machines. After producing motorcycle engines for 10 years, in 1962 he began producing parts and components for the Citroën 2CV, marking the beginning of his long relationship with the automotive industry, which continues to this day. In 1981 the firm was bought by the Sevel group, at which time it expanded the production of parts and assemblies for the Fiat and Peugeot brands. In 1998, when the PSA Group took over the operation of Peugeot and Citroën in the region, the Jeppener facilities became part of the French group together with the El Palomar plant. As part of a global strategy, in 2018 PSA decided to sell the plant, reaching an agreement with the CLAPP Group to continue the operation. CSR CLAPP is a company that is inserted and works together with the communities where its plants are located. As an example two axes can be mentioned: Environment: The world-class wastewater treatment plant at Jeppener treats the town's sewage as a way to optimize available resources for the health of the community. Education: We work with the educational authorities to integrate the academic and productive activities of the students, including the possibility of the physical integration of the establishments.
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