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Antofagasta, Antofagasta, Chile2005
At PESSA SA we are an engineering company whose objective is to provide solutions to the national and international industry, especially mining, in order to eliminate or control unwanted situations that generate loss of production, energy, person hours or; that threaten the safety of people and facilities. Our extensive experience and creativity in the area of ​​fluid control and management has allowed us to implement solutions using both existing technologies and our own developments, an example of which is our VDSP and VDSA dart valves for modulating control of slurries, tailings and concentrates. . Mission Deliver solutions to our clients in areas related to instrumentation, control, fluid management, through innovative engineering solutions and / or technological developments, which together contribute to the optimization of their production processes. At the same time, create a company that is the focus of professional and human growth for its employees and that positively impacts the social and environmental environment. Vision We are called to consolidate ourselves in the national and international market as a leading company in the innovation and development of new technologies in the area of ​​instrumentation, control and management of fluids, thus satisfying the needs of our clients who seek to optimize their processes and maximize their profitability.
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