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Logotipo de Pedertractor Industria e Comercio de Pecas Tratores e Servicos SA em Recuperacao Judicial

Pedertractor Industria e Comercio de Pecas Tratores e Servicos SA em Recuperacao Judicial


Pederneiras, São Paulo, Brasil1997
D-U-N-S® Registered™
Founded in 1978, PEDERTRACTOR operates in the segment of automotive, agricultural and road line parts, with tailor-made products, becoming increasingly a reference in the segment of Laser, Oxyfuel, Plasma, Folding Machining, Welding, Liquid Painting , Paint Powder and Paint E-coat. It is the ideal option in the development of complex designs for all types of mechanical assembly. Strategically in 2010, Tractorcomponents appeared in the same segment with the objective of supplying the Caldeiraria Pesada market in an increasingly competitive environment, thus forming an even more productive economic group, reducing costs and guaranteeing its position in the market. Customers are mostly Machinery and Equipment manufacturers that supply the global market with high quality products and technology, following the most stringent international building and engineering standards. Participating in this event, Pedertractor in its role of supplier is prepared with the most innovative service and manufacturing of parts and components, with a concept of excellence to make your supply more flexible. Located in the city of Pederneiras, in the west center of the state of São Paulo, 320 kilometers from the state capital, it has a privileged geographic location from the logistic point of view, since the city infrastructure has a Tietê - Paraná waterway terminal, railway terminal and is located at margins of the state highway João Ribeiro de Barros